Setting Up Your React Project Is Easier Than You Think

I have heard some ones complaining that setting up a Webpack + React project is not an easy job. It’s only partly true. Webpack is not well documented at this moment, and has many powerful features and plugins. This makes configuration on Webpack seem difficult to new developers. To make things even worse, there are tons of ‘starter kit’ projects over there, most of which are lack of maintainance.


Indeed, it is super easy to setup a brand new Webpack + React project using Yeoman.

Yeoman is a scaffolding tool for web developers. With diffrent generators we can generate different kinds of web projects quickly by lines of command.

Here’s how it is done:

# install Yeoman command and generator
npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-react-webpack

# generate project
mkdir test-project
cd test-project
yo react-webpack

Thanks to generator-react-webpack, after answering some questions from yo you will get your project setup in seconds.

Easy and quick, right? Here’s what we have got out of the box:

  • a project with Webpack and React configured;
  • a solution for diffrent environments both for runtime and webpack configuration;
  • a flux project structure;
  • an optional PostCSS setup

Also this generator can help generate React components via command line.